Here’s Mud In Your Ear

The Associated Minds label have been consistently releasing good British Hip-hop at a time when the scene is essentially dead. They’ve really caught our earlobes this time though with the track Skullcrackology off Mudmowth’s forthcoming Circus In The Cemetery 12. This is a trip to the dark side that would make any Sith lord proud, with angry guitar, angry bassline, angry drums, angry synths and angry Welsh rapper, taking us through some of his favourite pastimes, which include ‘driving through Babylon in Satan’s Mercedes’ and ‘breaking into convents to date rape nuns.’

Mudmowth’s ‘Just To Get The Name Known EP’ had many heads turning their attention to Wales and if the rest of this 5 track release is of the same standard of ‘Skullcrackology’ or other recent tracks such as ‘Most Colourful Years’ then those heads won’t be turning back round again for some time. He’s already been receiving a lot of good press with this, with Sureshot of the Month in DJ Magazine and even 4 / 5 in Fast Car magazine (maybe we’ll finally have a decent new boy racer anthem). You should also check his killer verse on the Metabeats’ tune ‘F**k With Me’ (3rd verse on video below), so good it gives me chills.

Oh yeah and as extra enticement the 12” will be coming out on White Vinyl and all orders will include a CD copy for your car or computer too… no excuses! Pre order a copy now at the Associated Minds store.

(YSI) Mudmowth - Skullcrackology

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