Moneyshot & Monkey

Cardiff, Wales is just about to lose a valuable asset in the form of DJ Moneyshot - 'The Mix Tape King' as he takes that trip over the rainbow to the land of Oz and pastures anew.

Known to rock many a party with a number of styles it is these two live sets from the Cardiff independent bars '10 Feet Tall' and 'Buffalo' that really show why he will be missed most by the Cardiff Chrome Kids. Hope you Aussies appreciate what you're getting and make the most of his talents.

DJ Moneyshot - Live at Ten Feet Tall, Cardiff

A Bubbling little mix with the likes of Bassnectar, Modeselektor and Pase Rock and below is a more funked up bumping breaksy set with Chemical Brothers, Crookers and Black Grass included.

DJ Moneyshot - Live at Buffalo Bar (Late and Lively)

Luckily Cardiff still has a wealth of talent left to keep it's citizens satisfied. Not least Dubstep producer Monkey (aka MonkeyDubz) who has just dropped his single 'Volume' on Rossi B & Luca's 'War Dubz' label backed up with Calenda's '8:15' on the flipside. You can pick up the 12" here.

Monkey is part of Hip-hop / Dustep / Bashment DJ and Production team Optimas Prime alongside Stagga (of who more soon) who have produced for most of the Welsh Hip-hop scene over the years but is now concentrating on Dubstep which he feels is the sound he's always been looking for in Hip-hop anyway. He's had a few plays on BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra here in the UK with various unreleased Dubz but this is (as far as we are aware) his first official Dubstep release. However there are upcoming singles scheduled for Heavy Artillery and a remix of Mr Vegas' bashment anthem 'Jacket' (probably flipped with a Sizzla Dub) for the more bootleg orientated Rudis in the pipeline.


(YSI) Monkey - Arangatang

...or check out his MySpace page

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