Talking Milanese

Keep an eye out for a new EP coming soon on Square Records from UK super Producer Milanese. With some classic previous releases on Warp and Planet Mu that have pushed the boundaries of what he terms ‘UK Bass Music,’ the new EP has a lot to live up to but early signs are good indeed.

Milanese has been working with South African rapper Ben Sharpa on tracks and at least one ‘Reload Beat’ has made it onto the EP. The track is a dark grinding, hop, glitch and jump type tune that wouldn’t sound out of place bumping out of a Mad Max vehicle. You can check it out on Milanese’s MySpace… trust me this is BIG.

I’ve heard one other collaboration called ‘Wonderful World’ up on Sharpa’s MySpace which is a lovely Industrial Grime track with a bounce like a turbo injected pogo stick on a brothel bed, but not sure if that’s going to be included on the Milanese EP or not.

Here’s an earlier Milanese track featuring Virus Syndicate that came out on Planet Mu

(YSI) Milanese & Virus Syndicate – You Can’t Remix

And a rockin’ 40 min mix from Milanese

Milanese – Electronic Explorations

And speaking of both Virus Syndicate and Planet Mu, look out for the Manchester Grime crew’s second album on the label ‘Sick Paye’ dropping some time next month.

But for now here’s a heavy little mix that the Syndicate’s producer MRK1 has cooked up featuring vocal duties from JSD.

MRK 1 & JSD (Virus Syndicate)

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2 Responses to Talking Milanese

Dplanet said...

Ben Sharpa is also about to drop a vinyl EP through Jarring Effects called, 'Sharpaganda Theory: Lesson 1". The EP features production from Milanese, Dplanet and Sibot.

Also look out for Ben Sharpa's solo album, 'B. Sharpa', dropping in February 2009.


thanks for the info Mr D Planet.