Journey Out There

“Hey man, remember that time when we were trekking up in the Himalayas during the 60s and we ended up hitching a ride on the Yellow Submarine to that other galaxy?”

“erm, come again?”

“Yeah man you remember, we hooked up with Captain Kirk and he took us to that crazy seedy little bar where were smoking pipes with Jabba The Hut, and that stripper had tentacles coming out of her...”

“Say what? Nah man I don’t remember that, you must have been like tripping out, or maybe you were listening to the new Enemy Earth Album.”

“Shit no man you’re right, I was listening to that album. Still, pretty groovy though.”

(YSI) Enemy Earth - Stay Shining (clip)

(YSI) Enemy Earth - Toaster (clip)

(YSI) Enemy Earth - Moonwlk (clip)

(YSI) Enemy Earth - Motto Sh_t (clip)

More info and previews of Enemy Earth's Interstellar Commute album here.

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