Bright Future For Dismal Futures

We still haven't stopped rinsin' the last Dubstep bootleg of Super Sharp Shooter (Zeno's Blazin, it's on our latest Mix which you can pick up from here on Monday) that Sub.Mission sent us, when they hit us with these absolutely gargantuan versions of Prodigy's Voodoo People and Bone Crusher's Never Scared from another member of the Denver Dubstep fraternity, Dismal Futures that come stomping over the soundsystem like Godzilla on a Crystal Meth come down.

(YSI) Dismal Futures - Witchdoctor Massif / alt link

(YSI) Dismal Futures - Songs Without Fucks / alt link

And seeing as we're on this tip, here's a heavy slow grinding, kind of industrial Dubstep track we just got off Subsonik Records too.

(SS) Biome Vs Subliminal - Welcome To The Asylum

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