Patchwork Dubz

Here's a touch more Dubstep from the residents of Bristol Bi-monthly night Patchwork.

(SS) NME and Edz - Patchwork Dubstep Promo Mix


Caspa - Noise Disorganiser
Richie August - Cloverfield
DZ - End Dub Remix
G man - Dont Be Afraid
The Bug - Skeng
Mungos Hifi - Dubplate Fi Dem
Unknown - Big Up A Bun Her
Bazzle - Kisses
Unkown - Praise Jah
Intent & Rare Dynamic - Dont Need No One
Caspa - My Pet Monster
Richie August - Hardstep
Synkro - Music Makers (Bar 9 Remix)

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4 Responses to Patchwork Dubz

Anonymous said...

One sick ass mix

DMH said...

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Cialis said...

One cool record this is, I like all the tracks, plus the cover is awesome.

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