Bass Therapy

Some more heavyweight mixes we've been feeling recently...

We received this bumpin' mix of Dubstep and Bass Heavy Hip-hop from Canadian Bass Junkie Subvert as a Temporal Fusion Podcast. They drop the occasional megaton bomb from the likes of Glitch Mob and Gaslamp Killer, definitely worth signing up to.

(SS) Subvert - Dubstep Mix for da Fusion (Denver, CO)

New York clothing company Mishka dropped this mix from Skream as part of their Keep Watch series a couple of weeks back. It highlights why he is still one of the best Dubstep producer / DJs in the business, and incase you hadn't noticed, that La Roux Remix is going to be absolutely huge, infact I'd say it is already. He dropped it to sing along effect at Bedlam last week and Caspa included it as the first tune in his Mini Mix on Annie Mac last night. Infact, none of us have heard the rather inferior original played anywhere.

(MF) Mishka presents Keep Watch Vol. 6: Skream

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2 Responses to Bass Therapy

Jeux2Maux said...

So true about the remix behind stronger than the original. are linking to the wrong skream myspace page. Try skreamuk hehe.


whoops, thanks for that.