Big Tunes To Knock You Senseless

Senseless Records just kicked in the door of Chrome Mansions waving a Four-Four in the shape of their first CD project Vocals and Versions Volumes 1 & 2. The Leeds bass junkies have gathered together some of their favourite artists (and ours come to that) such as: Warrior Queen ; Foreign Beggars; Starkey; MRK1; King Cannibal; Crunc Tesla; and Rekordah to add a bit of extra spice to their already flavoursome in-house vocal productions from Sarantis, DeVille, Sasquatch and Ghosttown, that are camped mainly within the Dubstep region but spread out into the surrounding UK Bass music areas too.

(SS) Sarantis ft Warrior Queen - More than Money (Starkey RMX) (clip)

(SS) Sasquatch ft Foreign Beggars – Stay Seated (clip)

The album will be released on two separate CDs, two vinyl EPs and digital download. Disc One gets Grimey with vocals from Sick Sense Cru and the Senseless residents, Asher Don and Dialect whilst they also show off their roots in the rich Leeds Soundsystem culture (which spawned such notables as Nightmares on Wax, LFO and Iration Steppas) with guest vocal slots from YT, Oova and Iration Steppas vocalist Bunnington Judah, whilst the ladies represent superbly with Warrior Queen, Honey Brown and Portuguese emcee Violet. There’s also Brazillian Dancehall artist Jimmy Luv, and Foreign Beggars who spit fire as always on Stay Seated, which obviously works on some reverse psychology tip cos I certainly found it hard to keep my arse in the chair whilst it was playing.

Remix duties are taken up by Starkey, Kanji Kinetic, fellow Leeds Dubstep don Jack Sparrow and a Dubbed out offering from Techno legend Billy Nasty which certainly come as a pleasant suprise. .

(SS) Sarantis ft Bunnington Judah - Warzone (Billy Nasty RMX) (clip)

Warrior Queen, Jimmy Luv, Oova, Smasha from Sick Sense Cru, Asher Don and Dialect all make an appearance on CD 2 as well, joined by Sunkilla out of Martinique, Leed-ite Dancehall emcees Bongo Chilli and Urban Vox, plus Boxcar, Optimus and M.J. Zilla who pop up on the Sasquatch remix of Who’s The Leader by Brooklyn Avant-Grime proponent Crunk Tesla.

(SS) Ghosttown ft Smasha - What Goes Around Comes Around (clip)

(SS) Sasquatch - Lifes Changin (Rekordah Remix) (clip)

This time remixes arrive courtesy of King Cannibal, MRK1, Bombaman from Canadian Dubstep duo Loetech, Hip-hop experi-mentalist Rekordah and Octa Push who joins his fellow Lisbon native Violet. This is probably my favourite Dubstep albums to drop in a long time, definitely worth grabbing if you like what you've heard so far. Here's a few full tunes from the collection to wet your appetite some more.

(YSI) Sarantis ft Sick Sense Crew - Focus / alt link

(YSI) Sarantis ft Bunnington Judah - One Day / alt link

(YSI) Os Crunc Tesla ft Boxcar, Optimus & M.J.Zilla - Who's The Leader of The Club (Sasquatch Remix) / alt link

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big up el kapitan,bladdy nice post if u ask me


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