We Cry Zwolf

Big shout to Zwolf for schooling us on the pathmusick free MP3 label for crazy glitched up technoish experimental music. Have to say though, for us his stuff stands headbutt and shoulder charge above the rest. Have a few tracks which we're sitting tight on for the moment, including killer collaborations with Welsh Hip-hop legend Junior Disprol from Dead Residents and Martin Carr from the Boo Radleys (aka Brave Captain). But for now, check these absolute gems from the Forgotten Mnemonics EP...

Zwolf was once signed to Sound-Ink who released the Viktor Vaughn LP, and MF Doom would indeed sound dope riding on this one. Unfortunately there's been no collaborations just yet.

(YSI) Zwolf - Room for Doom / alt link

This next one features Cardiff Cabaret duo Mr & Mrs Clark who one reviewer once likened to 'Terry and June on crack'.

(YSI) Zwolf ft Mr & Mrs Clark - Red / alt link

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