Broadcast Yourself?

Big Up to Robot Koch for schooling us on this guy. Kutiman does incredible YouTube Mash Ups. Merging a sea of amatures into one funky as hell professional band. It's worth checking his website for a proper selection.

This Is What It Became

Babylon Band

We didn't even realise til now either that our boy UK Little Guy has been splicing, dicing and uniting a bunch of YouTube vids in these Mash Up mixes on a similar tip. Check these out.


Vid-hop II

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One Response to Broadcast Yourself?

Anonymous said...

Hi thanks for posting some of my 'Vid-Hop' videos on your blog, i created the uklittleguy videos and found your blog earlier today.
p.s. i really enjoyed the Kutiman videos featured on your blog too, excellent work.

big thanks

UKLITTLEGUY (Cardiff, Britain)