Bleeding Glasvegas

Always rather a contentious issue when artists put 'featuring' artists they've just simply sampled, but then is it really all that bad? The initial feeling is that it is a collaboration that both are aware of and have put effort into. However alot of the time 'legitimite' collaborations are simply cooked up by record companies and artists are blissfully unaware of the other's previous existence. It has also been common practice for artists to demand 'featured' status for the use of a sample - i.e. Joni Mitchell on Janet Jackson's Got Til It's Gone, Junior Reid on The Game's One Blood and Dido on Eminem's Stan are a few bigger ones off the top of the head. This is of course because it is beneficial to them, but why should cash be the deciding factor on it? If a Bronx rapper wants to say his tune features a Glaswegian Indie Rock band then, and essentially it does, who are we to argue. And saying that, who really gives a flying f**k if Glasvegas are aware of this fact anyway, certainly not June.

(YSI) June feat Glasvegas - Stabbed / alt link

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