Lucky For Some

Besides my obvious woefulness at the loss of my girlfriend to the Himalayan peaks for 6 weeks (hey, our Chrome plating isn’t immune to feelings you know), there is an apparent bonus of not being sucked into 2 of Australia’s most caustic exports, Neighbours and Home & Away, for a valuable chunk of my life (I know just leave the room, but the devious little suckers just keep pulling you back in). Instead I shall concentrate on 2 of its finest exports, whom feed off each other in a wonderfully Electro-symbiotic relationship that brings danger to the dancefloor in the most wonderful of ways.

Act Yo Age release their new single Lucky 13 on the Sweat It Out label next week, just in time for Friday the 13th, although the track's more malevolent trickster than straight up evil slasher.

(YSI) Act Yo Age - Lucky 13 / alt link

If you haven't picked up KillaQueenz single Bitches on Sweat It Out yet then sort it out. We’ve been rinsing the South Rakkas remix of hard but we’re as equally in love with this Ooh Ee re-rub which is just a touch more fun but no less filthy.

(YSI) Killaqueenz - Bitches (Ooh Ee Remix) / alt link

Buy the single here.

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