Sharply Re-Drest

Love the classic Electro sound on the original of this Mochipet track which features rhymes from oonceoonce & Eriksolo of Meanest Man Contest, but here it gets a full on Electro Breaks re-working from New York producer A-ux

(YSI) Mochipet vs A-ux feat Meanest Man Contest - Sharp Drest (Remix) via Voules Random

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3 Responses to Sharply Re-Drest

Kaz said...

yo totally feeling this remix. who is this kid?


Don't know much about him except what it says really, found him over at Voulez Random and think they've had a few things off him in the past.

sonicult said...

Yeah I got bunch of his stuff too. You should check out another remix of his and neon generation track. it's dope.