Who's The Boss

Egon Brainparts and Negatron Johnson from Oakland production duo Bossasaurus seem to be having a laugh. Now I say this in the sense of, they appear to enjoy what they do to the maximum (as they should) and approach pretty much everything with a tongue planted firmly in their cheek, not the “oi mate you’re having a laugh” irate cockney type sense, but it might be easy to confuse the two at first. How serious can you take a pair who wear hoodies featuring dinosaur teeth, eyes, and ‘anatomically accurate plates running down the back’? One listen to their music sorts that question out immediately, these guys are most definitely serious, albeit serious fun.

(YSI) Bossasaurus - Dino Riders Megamix (zip)

This Dino Raider Megamix might not work quite so well as a mix, but it’s a handy little introduction to the Bossasaurus sound. From epic Electro Disco, including a remix which makes Kate Perry properly filthy rather than cheap insinuation, to beefed up Crunk Rock, through more thoughtful jazzed out Hip-hopish affairs, all with one foot far in the prehistoric past and the other firmly in the future. They might be slightly overdoing the whole dinosaur thing with straplines such as, ‘good music isn’t extinct’, but they most certainly prove their point.

(YSI) Bossasaurus - Homage / alt link

(YSI) Bossasaurus - Special Deal 4 U / alt link

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