Don't Waste Your Leftovers

Just came across this album / (un)mixed tape from ex Slum Village spitter Elzhi. It's a compilation of 'unreleased' material, usually meaning, shit that was too poor to be included on any album and should be buried. However for the most part this is all of a quality good enough for the shops and although it largely passes us by here and joins the rather high pile of good but ultimately forgettable Hip-hop we keep in the corner of our collective consciousness, there are actually a few stand out cuts that have had us clicking the rewind key, particularly these Jake One and DJ Spinna produced tracks.

Download / Listen: Elzhi - The Leftovers Unmixedtape

Download: Elzhi - Glow (prod. Jake One) / alt link

Download: Elzhi - Colors Remix (Prod. DJ Spinna) / alt link

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