Dxnce On The Skylight

Time to drop it down a level for some straight up and sideways listening music. We suggest taking some time out and fully digesting what we're about to bring. You'll either love it or hate it we reckon but we're loving it right now.

We discovered this beautiful EP/Album from experimental producer and occasional rapper Jeremiah Jae through Flying Lotus' recommendation. Although the name Dxnce might be similar, this most definitely is by no means Dance music in the conventional sense, it's a collection of ghostly, glitched up rhythmical soundscapes taking in tribal drums, television and radio broadcasts, snatched moments of music from the world around us and a sparse selection of rhymes that weave themelves into the fabric rather than try and ride over them. For Jae this was an 'attempt to make songs about the rediscovering of the spirit, dreams, childhood, fears, love, and other fun stuff.' It may take us a few listens to really feel if his visions transfer over to us but this is probably going to sit in the player for some time yet.

Download: Jeremiah Jae - Dxnce (WAVS - zip)

Here's a couple of MP3s from the album as a taster...

Download: Jeremiah Jae - The Mystery / alt link

Download: Jeremiah Jae - Police Ball State Disco / alt link

Another artist who appears to approach his music like a soundscape drawing on many influences is Paul White. It hardly seems right to say these are more conventional releases than Dxnce but they are perhaps a touch more traditional in the realms of experimental Hip-hop, or maybe the funk is just a touch easier to find at least. Very much from the snippet school of beat making his latest two offerings Sounds From The Skylight (A & B) are both of a quality that compliments each other. Side A is very much playful and dream like whilst Side B is more urgent and upfront with some truly killer beats over spaced out synths and psychadelic samples. Listen and download them both for free over at Bandcamp.

Download: Paul White - Sounds From The Skylight (Side A)

Download: Paul White - Sounds From The Skylight (Side B)

And of course a few of our choicest cuts from the two...

Download: Paul White - Highlife / alt link

Download: Paul White - Get Em Up / alt link

Download: Paul White - Swimming / alt link

Also if this is your flavour check out the seriously funksome jazzalicious Sounds From The Skylight mix that Paul recorded recently for Allez Allez.

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