Moving Off Square One

There have a been a few artists by the name of Square 1 over the years. There was a great Soca band from Barbados who had the beautiful Alison Hinds as their lead singer and my old group once played in Stuttgart with a Munich based Hip-hop crew of the same name who had a few underground hits once upon a while ago. So it is probably a wise move that a similarly monikered producer from the West Coast should revert to what we assume is his legal name of Stephan Jacobs, perhaps after 8 years in the game it was time to step up to square 2. This should certainly be no problem at all if the phat selection of Glitch hop and Dubstep remixes and originals we've been sent from those fine fellas over at Muti Music is anything to go by, infact there's no reason he can't go the whole way round the board, which actually if we're fair rather than relying on cheap word association gimmicks he's already gone some way around, along with Ruff Hauser and their Kether collaborations.

Download: Stephan Jacobs & Jupit3r - You Know Dey Love Dat (More Subs Edit) / alt link

Download: Smoke City - UnderWater Love (Stephan Jacobs Remix) / alt link

Download: Bone Thugs & Biggie - Notorious Thugs Remix (Stephan Jacobs Remix) / alt link

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3 Responses to Moving Off Square One

Anonymous said...

how have i never heard of this bloke before? notorious thugs is amazing

Anonymous said...

dude bone thugs & biggie good shit dude keep the good work dude..

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