Our main man Monkey is on fire at the moment and thanks to those forward thinking folks at Pesky Plates the flames are about to spread further. Their new single features a double bill of Monkey magic, with Cygnas X 1 offering up an urgent alarm call for the dancefloor to wake up and smell the tropical flavour. Switching up from Dubstep to Bashment to Funky this energetic double time delight is bound to tear up any club with an ounce of taste.

Bubblin' on the flip is a more spaced out affair but still rhythmically fast paced. Imagine attending an old skool rave in the middle of the Amazonian jungle and getting heavily blazed with a bunch of Bobo Dreads and you come some way to the whole experience. Don't take our word for it however, we have a couple of clips from both tracks right here.

PESKY 003 - MONKEY - Cygnas x 1 feat DREAD MC by PeskyPlates

Pesky 003 - MONKEY - Bubblin' by PeskyPlates

These are already recieving play from the likes of Tes La Rok, Starkey, Dexplicit, BunZero, Ramadanman, L-viz 1990, and Will Blaze and you can pick up a copy now from Juno and all other worthy outlets.

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