Acid Crunk Anyone?

We mentioned it before but it's finally dropped and it is indeed as weighty as we'd expected. One of our favourite genre descriptions for the crunked up bass tearing, digitally mutated Hip-hop sound has to be San Francisco all round champion of it An-ten-nae's offering of Acid Crunk, especially with us all being fans of the twisted 303 dirt that Acid House gave us and which definitely has its shadows in the Hip-hop hybrid.

Now for their 50th release, Muti Music drops part two in An-ten-nae's Acid Crunk compilation series. Already hitting number one in no less than 3 of the Beatport charts (Dubstep, Electronica and Chillout, although which crazy bastard has been chilling out to these sounds we have no idea) this is a big compilation indeed and features such chrome favourites as Ooah, Gemmy, Robot Koch and Akira Kiteshi, whose Ulysses track from the compilation made it onto our Knowledge Me mix and thanks to those kind fellas at Muti is included for you here. If that's your flavour then make sure you pick up the whole thing here.

Download: Akira Kiteshi - Ulysses / alt link

Also from our mix and a late contendor for tune of the year (or maybe an early one for tune of next year) is Starkey's new single on Planet Mu featuring Brummie emcee Badness who manages to make what is ultimately a gal tune sound credible and not cheesy despite some rather suspect lyrics (apparently he 'shows luv better than he says' let's hope so for the lady's sake). Helped of course in no small way by the fluid futuristic funk of the Philly Dubstep don. You can pick it up now here along with a few dope remixes including one from our very own Chrome compadre Stagga.

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7 Responses to Acid Crunk Anyone?

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