Bristol Streets Is Cold...But Lively.

The temptation to hibernate at winter is pretty strong but we're fighting the urge to spend our time indoors in the warmth, as that can soon get pretty gloomy when the lack of sun and social interaction kicks in alongside the Christmas shopping list. It's a good thing I did venture outside to scour the streets of Bristol for presents or I would never have bumped into local tune pusher DJ Lekan and I would never have been able to share these new tunes he just hit me up with. Both from Bristol boys but featuring two of the UK's top emcees, Roots Manuva and Sway respectively, these both have an intriguing kinda Grime meets Swing flavour although in different ways. That in itself is pretty Bristolian whether they realised it or not. You may have already caught Stone's track on Toddla T's Fabriclive 47 mix whilst the Kners tune, that was produced by one our favourite Glastofarian's Ninth Letta and also features one time X Factor singer Nicole Jackson, has been getting some love from BBC 1Xtra.

Download: Stone feat Roots Manuva - Amen / alt link

Download: Kners feat Sway and Nicole Jackson - Back 2 Bizniss / alt link

Seems only fair to mention another two Bristol based folk seeing as their remixes have been blowing up our blog big time. Parker has had a crazy amount of love for his Where's My Monkey bootleg with 56,000 views on the YouTube video. He's just dropped a heavy funk fuelled breaks / Hip-hop project alongside Boca 45 under the name The Beekeepers. Their Bee Funk EP came out yesterday on Jalapeno Records and to follow up his Pony Remix that was riding high in the Hype Machine popular list for some time, Boson dropped us this wicked little skank n grind track he cooked up.

Download: Boson - Bag-o-Wire / alt link

Why stop there? Whilst we're back wondering the streets of Bristol later, we may well wander into Mr Wolf's and catch the Weapon Of Choice night that, amongst a hefty line up features one of our local favourites, Vertebrae, an excellent crew of whom two of their members have hit us up with some fresh tuneage. Ben One gives us some weighty instrumental Glitch hop whilst Awkward features alongside an all star cast on this track from Chicago / LA rapper Open Mike Eagle.

Download: Benjamin One - We Can Try (26 Letters) / alt link

Download: Open Mike Eagle feat Awkward, Rift Napalm, Venom and Nocando - Combustible Party Truck / alt link

Of course we couldn't do a post about Bristol without including this remix from the city's current golden boy.

Download: Riton & Primary 1 - Radiates (Joker Remix) / alt link

Hansel & Gretel meet MJ image by Banksy.

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