Christmas On The Moon

Just had this warm and fun little festive EP to help ease the ever decreasing temperature around Chrome Mansions. It's from the Black Power Arrangers, what appears to be a collaboration between THEE Satisfaction and erm, other people. It's essentially a beats snippets album of the Madlib kind with a lush blend of jazz, Hip-hop and electronic beats but using Christmas classics for the large part and the spirit of Christmas for the rest. You can download / listen at Bandcamp and we've included a couple of choice cuts below.

Download: Black Power Arrangers - Christmas On The Moon (Album) via Bandcamp

Download: Black Power Arrangers - Christmas On The Moon (Track) / alt link

Download: Black Power Arrangers - World Peace
/ alt link

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6 Responses to Christmas On The Moon

sean g. said...

who r the "erm other people"?


I'm afraid we don't yet know but as soon as we find out will pass on the info.

Anonymous said...

The "erm other people" are OC Notes & Chocolate Chuck. All together they are the Black Power Arrangers. :)


excellent, thanks for the info!

Expatriarch said...

all the links are no longer active - any chance you could re-up this, please? thanks!


Unfortunately these tunes were lost to a long gone laptop. Might be able to find it elsewhere though.