New B Boy Document

With a new generation of poppers starting to embrace Dubstep and Glitch hop there's something of a revival that has seen the art form progress somewhat, we're sure the same could be said of B-boying although we've seem little impressive work in recent times. Here's a subtle hint for practitioners of either discipline, if you're still only poppin or breakin' to music from between '73 to '93 and reject anything new, please kill yourself. You're killing the culture you claim to love and represent and we can't be f**ked with you... Just a small piece of Bill Hicksian advice.

Although both of these tracks have nods to the past they are representing the present and should be embraced by those who are finding it difficult to make the switch, call it Chrome Time Therapy. First up is from Tate La Rock who originally put his track together for a B-boy battle scene in a feature length movie and the second is from a new EP on Sweat It Out by recent Mad Decent remix competition winner Wax Motif.

Download: Tate La Rock - B Boy Avengers / alt link

Download: Wax Motif - Bounce n Pop / alt link

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