Vote for DJ Cable in the Next Generation DJ Comp!

DJ Cable " The Mash Down: Vol. 2" from djcable at

Thought I’d do a quick spot of online self promo, and ask for your help in order for me to win this nice little DJ competition!

Those kinds folks at Pioneer, Beatport, DJ Magazine and Let’s Mix have come together to launch ‘Next Generation DJ’ (NGDJ), a talent competition designed to unearth the next superstar DJ and to give him or her the chance to win a life changing prize!

For my entry, I’ve submitted “The Mash Down: Vol. 2" which you may have stumbled across on this blog, and all good blogs/sites. The way the competition works is by getting you lovely people to vote for my mix to win.

All you need to do is to click HERE, and vote at the top. I only need 200 votes to qualify for the 2nd stage of the competition, so if you're feeling the mix, please get voting! :)

Thanks for the support!

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One Response to Vote for DJ Cable in the Next Generation DJ Comp!

Anonymous said...

and vote for this guy's mix:
...some caspa, subscape, benga, nero...etc. massive.