Crazylegs Making Moves

It has to be said that in general Bristol as a city is pretty much on it for music. When it comes to riding on the edge of excitement however we've always been more than partial to the line ups that Crazylegs produce. Since they started up in September 2008 the likes of Starkey, Joy Orbison, Raffertie, Cooly G and Brackles have all had their names beaming out of the posters at us. Now they've collected a posse of like minded promoters to form a collaboration under the Crazylegs banner. With nights such as UFO, Pollen, Focus and Work on board their hoping to step up even further.

True to expectations, their first outing of the year is right on the button as they overtake Basement 45 with: Ikonika, whose debut album on Hyperdub is easily one of the most eagerly anticipated releases of the year; Pangaea, who has one of the most essential EPs of the moment out now on Hessle Audio; Martin Kemp, who has quickly proven that there's a lot more to him than simply being Brackles younger brother; and Mosca, who kicked off the month well with a Mary Anne Hobbs mix and set an instant high bench mark for the Night Slugs label with his Square One EP.

It's always a tricky tight rope when you're largely breakin' new artists at your night but this is an exciting line up and if anyone can pull it off it's these fellas we reckon.


Ikonika - Please / alt link

Pangaea - Why? / alt link

Mosca - Nike (128kbps) / alt link

Royal T - 1Up (Martin Kemp Remix) (128kbps) / alt link

Martin Kemp - XLR8R Podcast

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