Kaptin V Moneyshot: Head To Head

I'm greatly looking forwards to next Friday where I'm about to enter a head to head clash with one of the best DJs out there, DJ Moneyshot. Possibly not a name that springs instantly to mind for you guys, especially the straight up Bass heads out there but he's a favourite on Ninja Tunes' Solid Steel radio and before he set off to the land of Oz for a while had a quality show on the now sadly defunct XFM Wales with his long term back to back buddy Parker (it's Moneyshot trying to explain the "state of the zookeeping industry" on Where's My Monkey?).

Although I shall be dipping into many a chrome plated tune the music policy is most likely to be more fun and funk driven (for more serious sets look out for Kaptin Is Dead) with plenty of crate digging and mash ups going on. This selection from DJ Moneyshot should give you some idea on the general vibe, couple have already been getting love from Huw Stephens and Rob Da Bank on BBC Radio 1.

Download: DJ Moneyshot - A Million In Prizes / alt link

Download: DJ Moneyshot - Too Ruffneck for Crows / alt link

Download: TC - Where's My Money Caspa Remix (DJ Moneyshot 110 re-edit)

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