Monday Mixtape's Against The Pyjama Ban

Check our latest mix that was originally broadcast on BBC 1Xtra last week. More info and tracklisting below.

Download: Pyjama Ban (BBC 1xtra) Mix

From conception to birth, we have to admit we always feel rather like proud parents when we finish a mix, however with this latest in the series there’s a different kind of family pride. Aside from the obvious patriotism that swells from the fully Welsh line up, the fondness with which we regard out peers and the quality of music they have provided here hits the heart like a sibling football team winning the world cup.

When we were approached by 1Xtra to represent our motherland we were asked if we could possibly include some Welsh tracks. When we told them that we planned for the whole mix to be made up of artists from Wales they were surprised that such a feat was possible. Such misplaced surprise and ignorance is the reason why this mix is so important to us.

Not that we particularly mind being overlooked and mistaken for a nation whose musical output doesn’t stretch far beyond Guitar based Rock and Male Voice Choirs, we’re well used to that by now and our own media have always been more than supportive of the Hip-hop, Dubstep and Drum N Bass scenes here. There is a limit however as to just how much incredible music we can keep to ourselves. Let’s face it, it’s just not fair to the rest of you. So here is a quick fire tour of friends and family, mainly Dubstep with a nod to the Hip-hop and post-Hip-hop output of artists such as Squid Ninjaz and the Associated Minds crew.

The mix is meant as more of a showcase than a straight up seamless blend so keep the tracklisting at hand and make sure you look up the artists you’re feeling the most and if you reckon we’ve missed someone out, then make yourself heard so that we don’t make the same mistake next time.

Thanks for listening and don’t forget, if you’re enjoying it, someone else might too…

Pass it on.


Magenta – Gutwrencher (White)
Ital Lion – Bullet Dodger (White)
Skamma – Nuff Deep (Accapella)
Stagga feat Skamma – Sick As Sin (Ultra VIP) (Rag & Bone)
Stagga & Don Leisure – On Horse (White)
Superisk – Find Your Way (White)
Stagga Vs Joe Blow – Move In Acidicts (Accapella)
Stagga – Timewarp (forthcoming on Sonic Lodge)
Ill Diddy – The Drop Out (White)
Lung – Mari Celeste (White)
Monkey – Bubblin’ (MASK & Dank Remix) (White)
P Dubz – Cabbage (White)
Curtamos – Stormtroop (forthcoming on Subdepth)
Mr Healan – Bloody Target (White)
Don Leisure – 1X1 (White)
Dan Marshall – Footsteps (White)
Diverse Concepts – Dolphin Dance (forthcoming on
Monkey & Stagga – Glass Bong (forthcoming on Sonic Lodge)
Monkey – Poor You (White)
CRST – Turn Away (forthcoming on Bigger Than Barry)
Beatbox Fozzy Skit
Magenta – Forces (forthcoming on Sonic Lodge)
Monkey – Cygnas X1 (Pesky Plates)
Curtamos – Drop (White)
Ralph Rip S**t - Ralph Rip Rising (Hudson Mohawke Dub)
Darkhouse Family – Darkhouse Number 43 (forthcoming on Fat City)
Metabeats & Diverse Concepts - Embossed (forthcoming on Sonic Lodge)
Foot Clan – Most Real (White)

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