Freedom Is A Road Seldom Travelled By The Robots

It's been a while since Free The Robots dropped his debut EP onto the world and in that time his contemporaries on the West Coast scene such as Flying Lotus and Nosaj Thing have firmly wedged themselves into our collective psyche. Now finally we have a full length episode of the FTR show and it's certainly been worth the wait.

The name of Chris Alfaro's project is most definitely apt. This is the kind of freedom that Johnny 5 tasted and all those other androids out there have been dreaming of since. The re-education of the robots takes on a history lesson of their portrayal in human culture with tracks like Sci-fidelity, a straight up 50s B Movie robo-invasion over a killer beat which we can’t help but picture Doom tearing up… ripe for the mash up we’d say. The rest takes in everything from 60s Eastern influenced psychadelia to modern crunk, all translated for the knowledge hungry robot's out there, whilst tracks like Voices takes the education further approaching the emotional side of things and teaching them about the relationships between pain and beauty.

Finally as the freestyle nature of The Eye (a collaboration with Mars Volta's Ikey Owens on keys) really highlights the computer as instrument and with the education complete you can almost feel the life force surging through their circuits. The Robots have most definitely been freed.

Ctrl Alt Delete drops via Alpha Pup Records on March 30th.

Download: Free The Robots - Orion's Belt Buckle / alt link

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