Digital Soul Seeking

We've been loving the first release due to drop on One4Ho, a new label from Mai Harper and Sophie Ruston (aka Ghettozoid). The track from Ghettozoid herself is called Seeking and is on some future garage space age flex, carrying some serious sonic depth with a fairly sinister bassline rumbling out out like a school of whales floating through the sonar system, whilst our favourite Bristolian diva Yolanda manages to add both upliftment and melancholoy, as she effortlessly stretches her rich soul vocals to the outer reaches of the universe.

Zoid Soundcloud bounce by GHETTOZOID

Our favourite mix however is from Blue Daisy with a tripped out excursion, building up a bed of a crisp static crunch and dublike echoes. As if the tune had been dropped into a K hole and managed to float around in it without confusion, paranoia or looking like a complete c**t.

BD Soundcloud bounce by GHETTOZOID

For a bit of a look inside Blue Daisy's head check out his mix for URB that we picked up at Robot Koch's Robots Don't Sleep blog recently.

Download: Blue Daisy - URB Presents: Blue-Tinged Spectrum Mix

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