Elevator's Stuck (On Repeat)

Fabric has always been a benchmark for quality. Their club line ups are pretty much the best in the world and for their Fabriclive mix series, artists make that little bit of extra effort it seems. Their latest release is a compilation which both puts a marker to what is happening right here right now and will continue to do so until everyone else catches up.

Elevator Music could be taken as being something of a play on words. Largely in the Dubstep realm, some of the die hard wobble jump up fiends would indeed view a lot of the tracks here like the sort of easy listening one might find in a lift. Whilst to the music snobs who would sneer at such assumptions, this is music to elevate your mind body and soul.

fabric presents Elevator Music: Vol. 1 from Fabric London on Vimeo.

Although there are some dark and moody moments, we're talking film noir rather than Fangoria and this album is bursting with warmth and energy. Scenic is a word we've possibly over used recently but there's no denying that listening to Elevator Music conjures up electronically generated virtual landscapes of other worlds, or perhaps inner worlds. Rather than being Buddah Bar beach music however, this is more about finding yourself space both on the dancefloor and within the hustle and bustle of the city, not so much escapism as a re-imagination of your surroundings.

Featured artists include the likes of Martyn, Mosca, Julio Bashmore, Doc Daneeka, Untold, Starkey and Shortstuff and the album is available to download now.

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