Superturbo Charged Tunes

We love the fact that Superturbo have decided to appropriate a Hanson video for their track Время кромсает as it pretty much highlights everything they aren't. One is cheesy, chirpy, American pop whilst the other is edgy, emotional, Russian Glitch hop. We first caught them on Mary Anne Hobbs show last week and although it's tricky to gauge much info when you have the language capacity of a Glasweigan drunkard, the tunes pretty much speak for themselves.

Superturbo - Время кромсает from Superturbo on Vimeo.

You can find this track on the first of their 2 free EPs over at

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2 Responses to Superturbo Charged Tunes

Anonymous said...

as a russian i say that it is not cool. i don't like it.
it is more interesting, as russian lazer bass -

Anonymous said...

hahaha)) first learn english, tovarisch!)