Some of you may have noticed me ranting on Twitter about the DMCA (digital Millenium Copright Act) taking down posts but not making it clear which tracks are supposed to be taken off (so we can argue our case as we've probably had permission for all the tracks taken down). Well it looks like it's not just us and there has been a number of 'Music Blogosides' recently where whole blogs have been taken out of action. Read more here.

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One Response to #Musicblogocide2k10

Fnord said...

Oh shit, this is pretty scaaary. Taking down one post without pointing directly to the apparently illegal content is already unaccaptable but taking down the entire blog! This is fascism! Did Google lawyers heard about "warning notices" or "calls to repair damages within certain specific time" before imposing a final penalty? Or is it rather about giving an example to the community? Shit, I frequently visited Masala...