Total Ayobaness

The new school of South African bass heavy party Glitch hop and Dubstep are pretty well represented on these pages but we rarely touch on the House aspect of things except for the occasional riddim ridden by Spoek. Well the scene over there seems to be on fire at the moment as the Kwaito scene gets quieter and the rhythms that are influencing alot of the House and Bass scenes in Europe in many ways could be said to have come full circle. This can be seen in effect throughout this EP from Outhere Records, a German based label with a history of strong African music releases.

We've already told you a little about Ayoba and it's meaning, the spirit of which is captured here by artists like the crazy blinged out man of the cloth Pastor Mbhobho (check the video for his title track) and DJ Mujava whose Township Funk on Warp was one of the biggest club anthems of last year (and the year before come to think of it).

Stream the whole EP at the label's Soundcloud account but here's a taster of the DJ Mujava track. Look out for a full length 13-track compilation due later in the year.

02 DJ Mujava - Mugwanti / Sgwejegweje by OuthereRecords

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