Beer Loving Robots

Doshy has been passing us some killer crunkesque tech-step recently from his secret lab in Berlin. We're loving his sound at the moment and seems like the feeling may be mututal as our boys Monkey and Stagga are all up in this new mix from him. Check it out and make sure you hunt down releases from his Robox-Neotech label (such as the latest bleeptastic Who Is Hudson River from Zet). This mix is pretty much what he's playing out at the moment but 'without the rewinds'.

Download: Doshy - ClubMix


1. monkey - a thought (forthcoming robox neotech)
2. doshy - space attack + vip (destpub)
+ zomby - aquafresh (hyperdub)
3. doshy - scatter (forthcoming tigerbeat6)
4. mr curtamos - blÀh (dub)
5. rudi zygadlo - toys (doshy rmx) (forthcoming planet mu)
6. doshy - chip (destpub)
7. doshy - milky way (dub)
8. stagga - timewarp (forthcoming robox neotech)
9. eprom - humanoid (rewina)
10. doshy - ?????????(dub)
11. stagga - lopside (doshy rmx) (robox neotech)
12. doshy - sunset (dub)

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