Listening To Skulls Fly

Some may have noticed the distortion on the Daly City Radio show a couple of days back. If this seriously hampered your listening pleasure, have no fear as The Flying Skulls, one of the featured acts has given us a crisp and clean (okay it’s filthy dirty but for all the right reasons) copy of a recent live set they recorded for the Daly City Records' Strawberry & Bacon Festival in San Francisco. Expect 46 mins of Crunked Up Electro Prog-Step with: rhymes by ZapTap; Snareface on the MPC ; keys by Ribotto; Jerome Forney handling dirty basslines and a killer trumpet solo; and then finally J Tonal on the mix, engineering, and executive production.

(Direct Link) The Flying Skulls Live @ Strawberry & Bacon Festival, November 2008

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