Silver Joins The Game

Have to admit to passing this by in my inbox for a few days, then had a quick look. 'Newcastle MC meets The Game', that's gotta be wank right? We know the score, some no mark emcee with a big ego and a big overdraft spends a small fortune so a well known yankee who probably doesn't even know his new found rhyming partner's name, can throw away some unfelt and unthought out rhymes...Ignored it some more.

I like to give everything a chance though so after a few days I gave it a little listen... who'd have thought it, the track's actually pretty damn good. The Game sounds more Nas then ever, quite funny as he name checks the biblically deluded one twice in his verse, but he sounds like he put some effort in at least. Never heard of Silver before. Checked back and he's hit and miss but he rides this Sermstyle banger nicely, complimenting The Game well. He's definitely worth keeping an eye on, especially if he stays on those big Sermstyle productions.

(YSI) Silver feat The Game - We On This (Produced by Sermstyle)

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