Get Mash Up

Definitely feeling these Mash Up mixes we found from Sugarpill when he hit up the page. Have a listen:

(Direct Link) - Mashtastic Part 1


1. Mark Mothersbaugh- The Life Aquatic Ping Island Lightning Strike Rescue Op
2. Nebulla & Dj Dore- Crank Dat
3. Jamie Lidell- When I Come Back Around
4. Color Me Badd- All 4 Love
5. Jahcoozi- BLN
6. Skee Lo- I Wish (Sugarpill Cutup)
7. Bondage Fairies- Gay Wedding (instrumental)
8. UGK ft. Outkast- International Players Anthem (Acapella)
9. Boreta- ?
10. Taylor Dayne- Tell it To my Heart
11. Tipper- Unlock the Geometry
12. 36 Mafia- Fly
13. A-trak- Get on My Pony
14. Jamteh Foundation ft. Busy Signal- Pounds of Dro
15. Toni! Tony! Tone!- Feels Good (Breakdown Remix)
16. Spank Rock- Put That Pussy on Me (Acapella)
17. Rodman- Wobble Break
18. Cut Copy- Saturdays
19. Ghislain Poirier- Spank Rock
20. Dead Prez- Hip Hop (Acapella)

(Direct Link) - Mashtastic Part 2

1. Mickey Factz- Talk yo Ish
2. Janet Jackson- What have you done for me lately
3. The Original Gangsters of Freestyle- Get The Hoe (Brooklyn Breakdown)
4. Janet Jackson- If (Acapella)
5. Toni Tony Tone- Feels Good (Breakdown Remix)
6. AC Slater- Jack Got Jacked (Jack Beats Remix)
7. Earth, Wind, and Fire- Let's Groove
8. My Lyte- Cold Rock A Party (Acapella)
9. Peter Gabriel- Sledgehammer
10. Johnny Hates Jazz- Shattered Dreams
11. I'm Serious
12. Technotronic- Pump Up The Jam
13. What You Want- Siriusmo Remix
14. UGK ft. Outkast- International Players Anthem (Acapella)
15. Lil Wayne- Stuntin Like My Daddy (Acapella)
16. ?- 3AM
17. Kool & The GluGet Down On It
18. ?- Whats Up 19. Thomas Fehlman- Alice Springs
20. Juvenille- Back That Ass Up
21. The Tuss- Rushup I Bank
22. Aesop Rock- Coffee (Acapella)
23. Bassnectar- Heads Up (California Style)
24. The Game- My Life (Acapella)
25. Lil Wayne- Im Ill
26. Cool Kids- Gold and a Pager
27. Jaylib- Pillz

(Direct Link) Sugarpill - Break Yo Busta Step

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One Response to Get Mash Up

Sugarpill said...

yes. yes. yes. suhweet. thanks