Oh Shit...It's Christmas

I was slightly taken off guard whilst deejaying on Thursday when somebody came and asked me to play some Christmas music. I stared incredulously and adopted the tone which deejays save for those poor individuals who know no better and reminded her it wasn't Christmas. "But we're on our Christmas Party' she replied. Shit, then maybe it is Christmas... and to be fair it nearly is, but I still refused to acknowledge this fact until Daly City and Lowpro Lounge dropped 'Oh Shit It's Christmas', with a stocking full of fine Electronic artists such as Mochipet, J Tonal and Build 128.

Fair enough the same group of people who had already exhausted a list of demands from Britney through to 'anything old and dancey' might not have appreciated this stuff anyway, but it's certainly made me start to feel festive and might have saved the office Xmas do from my condescending head shaking replies to their requests... nah maybe not.

The Oh Shit, It's Christmas Album is up now on 1320records.com STS9's Record Label. All proceeds from this recording will be donated to The Non-Profit Association Conscious Alliance.

(YSI) Mochipet - Jingle Crunk

(YSI) James Christopher + Zaptap - Christmas 2012 (attack of the mechanical santas)
And if you're still not sure what to ask Santa for then you could do worse than Mochipet's Microphonepet Remixed EP. We've been bumping it hard here at Chrome Mansions. Especially the Starting Teeth Remix of Lazy Day and Boreta's Remix of Rambunktion.

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2 Responses to Oh Shit...It's Christmas

Sugarpill said...

best. christmas. album. ever.

Cheap Viagra said...

what a good title for a Chirstmas disc, well we need something different to this Christmas, you know not the same music as usual.