Time To Run Riot

A huge bigUP to Juan de Fukyah for waking us from our ignorant sleep and bringing Run Riot Records into our lives. We've been scouring their blog for latest releases and we have found some absolute gemstones.

First up is by DJ Mutamassik, a New York raised ‘Producer/ Musician/ DJ/ Artist/ synesthete and pioneer of the Sa’aidi Hardcore & Baladi Breakbeat Sound.’ Who has been up on top of a Tuscany hill in her Cave Studio putting the finishing touches to her new EP which is due to drop on New Years Day.

A fine and heavy tune, kinda like the soundtrack to a robotic bear being highly magnetised and then having to stomp through an industrial kitchen.

(Direct Link) DJ Mutamassik- 5x8 Cell

Next is from the Touching Further EP from Kitimat out of Canada. Can only really describe this beauty as dirty evil fidgit crunk… yup that would pretty much sum it up.

(Direct Link) Kitimat – Shiftist

Plus check this killer remix too (not on the EP)

(Direct Link) Fabolous - Do The Damn Thang (Kitimat Glacial Mix)

Couldn’t give a better description then RRR themselves for this next track from the new Gouseion LP ‘Nijikon’ – “In the turbid, breathy arpeggiators of Caps 13 come lurking pauses, the gaps in the data collapsing themselves into gasping slow jams, sweat condensing on a water-cooled case.” Exactly.

(Direct Link) Gouseion - Caps13

And if you like this then check his latest Mixtape out too

(Direct Link) Gouseion Mixtape V (zip)

Now a killer tune from the Artemis Jackson EP ‘Asps & Adders’ that dropped earlier in the year. Right up our street this one, can’t believe we let it pass us by til now. Glad we’ve been given a chance to rectify that, you should make sure you don’t let it get by you either.

(Direct Link) Artemis Jackson - Asps and Adders

Finally this glitchy little headnodder from their newest signing, Brooklyn based YSLE, off the forthcoming Gain Fed LP, is verging on classic Detroit Techno / Chicago House. Or as RRR so finely put it once again “In the twisted, barb-wire whip funk of Radish Patch, synths syrup over icy hats, follow stomping bass drops into echoing strips of hazy deviations, turn around on themselves suddenly like androids dancing to thriller, smearing and jittering apart as the sounds stretch across the breaks like silicon taffy.” That was the one…

(Direct Link) YSLE – Radish Patch

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