Jump In With Your Lazer Sword Swinging

Big up to Diversify's brother, Reuben. For giving us a heads up on some killer electro-crunk business outta San Francisco Lazer Sword. You might remember I mentioned that Egadz was playing an in-store with Mochipet for Puma’s 60th Anniversary, well so are these fellas. So if you are near there on 3rd December make sure you check them out.

(YSI) Restiform Bodies - Interactive Halloween Bear (Lazer Sword Manhole Remix)

(YSI) Lazer Sword Vs Lil Weezy - Stuntin' Like My Daddy's Lazer

(YSI) Dem Franchize Boyz - Lean Wit It (Lazer Sword Turbo Taxin Remix)

They did a mix last month for Mary Anne Hobbs after they were recommended to her by Flying Lotus. If you missed it then head over to Satan Loves Breakcore to download RARs of the whole show.

(Mediafire)Lazer Sword - Blap To The Future Megamix

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3 Responses to Jump In With Your Lazer Sword Swinging

Sugarpill said...

nice feature, lazer sword shit is tight.

Micah said...

all those links are expired. :( heard on hypem, wantttt.

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