A Mixture of Calligula & Deepak Chopra Perhaps?

Chopigula seem skeptical at the ability of the spoken language to describe the language of music, and we have to admit to being stumped to find a fitting description of their sound.

At first listen, disturbing might be one word we would use to describe the Chopigula project in its 'dimensional' form. The title of their EP ‘ Sunshine Over The Circus’ sounded like such an innocent and sweet affair but on checking out Together Too we imagined visiting the same circus whilst suffering from polymorphic light eruptions and discovering that John Wayne Gacy was the clown. The light tried to shine through but we just couldn't help but feel there were dark undertones dragging it back into the abyss.

Nevertheless, even then it felt more William Burroughs dark than Stephen King. On further listens there is a certain amount of insightful meditation to be had within Chopigula’s somewhat peacefully contented mania. It's reassuringly unhinged and Shade Slicer & Scott Chaurand twisted collages appeal greatly when faced with the standard Electro-fit conveyor belt formulas.

(YSI) Chopigula - Together Too

(YSI) Chopigula - Sunprose (Neu Epiphone)

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One Response to A Mixture of Calligula & Deepak Chopra Perhaps?

satanNgod said...

Damn, this is super-dope! Where'd ya hear about this stuff? Wonder if they will play any shows in the US...?

Love the blog!