Certified Banger Putting UK Hip-hop On The Radar

Certified Banger introduce another element to their mission of bringing fresh UK Hip-hop artists to our ears with their free to download 21 track compilation ‘On The Radar’. Showing us that there are still a few worthy soldiers battling on in the scene (some of these admittedly are a little shell shocked maybe). Have to admit to feeling the Grime flavoured ones a little more here at Chrome Kids but there’s a mixed up bag of goodies in this package so check it out and head over to their blog for the tracklisting and a constant stream of ‘bangers’. Here’s our choice cuts:

(YSI) Queens English – Mind The Gap

(YSI) Skandal – Venom (Clean)

(YSI) Size 8 – Watchin’ Me

And for the whole album:

(Zshare) Certified Banger Presents: On The Radar

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2 Responses to Certified Banger Putting UK Hip-hop On The Radar

The Urban Shop said...

get on this it's free for god sake and support you local shizzle UK hip hop

Certified Banger said...


Get the new one now!

And will you please post it? :)