Jelluzz - Hold On Video

Another CD that I have to admit I let pass me by until it got lost when I moved house was by this fellas Jelluzz. Not sure if it was a single or album even but after I got sent this video I'm a bit gutted I didn't give it a chance before it dissapeared.

The track has be selected to be used as part of a global PUMA marketing campaign for their new fragrance, hopefully he doesn't have to actually wear the stuff too. He's also been selected as a spokesperson for Love Music Hate Racism. As you may guess from both of these endorsments, Jelluzz is definitely on the positive side of Grime, which should be respected... unfortunately much as I want to like Jelluzz, and it's hard not too, that's the problem. It's all just a little bit too laid back and nicey nicey for my liking (despite efforts on his mixtape to try and prove otherwise), I find myself yearning for a bit of real anger and I a bad person? Yes probably.

Here's a couple of tracks from his Capital Letterz Mixtape too, you can grab the whole thing here.

(YSI) Jelluzz - Blood

(YSI) Jelluzz - Gunshot Sympathy

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