Can Mujava Make Your Mum Dance?

I don’t know what the current club situation is like near you but here it is rather dire. There are many reasons for this, looming recession, smoking ban, etc. But one of the reasons I hardly venture out these days is a lack of exciting artists. Promoters are scared to put on upcoming artists cos the people hardly ever turn up if they don’t know who’s playing, so they put on the same old worn out acts that lost their edge when they fell off it. It’s a vicious circle, but all they need to realise is you simply have to work harder. If people don’t know who you’re putting on, tell them, over and over and over again. It’s still a gamble true, but if you’re not excited enough to tell the world, how can you expect others to be excited enough to spread the word and actually brave the cold and come on down.

Thankfully I was speaking to a promoter the other day who is looking at booking some people who might get us excited. He’s just booked Rico Tubbs for New Years Eve, a fantastic DJ and a fine conker player, plus a few others pencilled in for the coming months. He’s also been listening to our Chrome recommendations so hopefully we shall some our favourites start to pop up. One artist he’s looking at but not quite sure on what vibe he’ll bring is DJ Mujava, Warp Record's new signing out of South Africa. His Township Funk single is a killer and has been popping up everywhere for months but nobody seems to have seen him DJ. The single doesn’t really point at where the set might go. He comes from a Kwaito background so maybe he’ll be bringing that, but much as we love it here at Chrome Kids the scene’s not exactly massive in Wales. So if anyone out there can vouch for Mr Mujava and his party rocking skills please give us a shout so we can let this promoter know.

One DJ we shall definitely be recommending is Mumdance who has just started reaching out on a live DJ / MC tip with long time partners Jammer and C Gritz. Here’s a jam they all put together down in the XL studios chopping up Township Funk and Debonair Samir’s ‘Samir’s Theme’ to ride over.

(YSI) Mumdance feat Jammer and C Gritz - Amir's Township

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One Response to Can Mujava Make Your Mum Dance?

Elijah said...

i feel the same im a dj and a raver but event line ups are improving, even though there are still not much events in ldn