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As I'm sure any regular readers will already be aware, last month we recorded a Welsh Hip-hop mix for new music guru - Rob Da Bank's BBC Radio 1 show. If you did happen to miss us showcase the wealth of talent and diversity apparent in the scene in Wales then worry not as here it is in it's full glory. It's still radio friendly but also includes a track at the end which might not be... more is explained after the tracklisting.

(Zshare) Chrome Kids - Enter The Dragon (Welsh Hip-hop Mix for BBC Radio 1)

Here’s a quick interview with Rob Da Bank that preceded the mix when it went out on the Radio:


Metabeats / Ralph Rips S**t / Ruffstylz / Mudmowth /Cervantis – F**k With Me (Radio Edit) (Associated Minds)
Metabeats ft Cesto – 'Meta's Cypher' (Associated Minds)
Qred ft Opus One – 'Dungeon Siege' (White Label)
Qred / Joe Blow / 4Dee / Skamma – 'Lunar Burn' (White Label)
The Incredible Torture Show – 'God Told Me To' (LURKMUSIC)
Secondson & Humurak D Gritty – 'Rags' (SFDB)
Beatbox Fozzy ft Willo Wispa – 'Tuna Fish' (Associated Minds)
Metabeats ft Pergyl & Cervantis – 'Live & Let Live' (Associated Minds)
Diverse Concepts ft Mind Kontrol – 'Any Means Necessary' (White Label)
Y Diwygiad ft Daedelus – 'W.E.N.G.L.I.S.H.' (Dockrad)
Ralph Rips S**t ft Dubbledge – 'Kiss The Guns' (Associated Minds)
Me One ft Durrty Goodz – 'Pay Me No Mind' (Frenemy)
Sweet & Tender Hooligans – 'I Have Seen' (White)
Flow Of Thought – 'I Got My Boyz' (Flow Of Thought)
Blaktrix ft Vocal Recall – 'Trouble Trouble' (Dial Up)
Brigzy – 'One For The Money' (White Label)
Hoax Emcee –'Rhymin' Son' (White Label)
Lews Tunes & Nobsta Nutts (Headcase Ladz) – 'Get What You See' (Wonky Wax)
Parker & Conrad Watts – 'Western Soul' (Good Groove)
Ninjah – 'Woman In Control' (White Label)
Ming Dy Nasty & Redeye Knight (Shadow Law) ft Ruffstylz – 'Damage Done' (White Label)
Dead Residents – 'Smash Robot Vs Pacman Ghost' (Cuthulu Nation)
Mudmowth - Skullcrackology (Associated Minds)

Mudmowth's 'Skullcrackology' was chopped from the original mix for being too damn offensive by the BBC in a post Manuelgate environment, but we figure you lot are made of stern enough stuff to handle it. The PLO produced banger was taken from Mudmowth's new 5 track EP 'Circus In The Cemetry' which you can grab now, on collectable white vinyl, complete with cover artwork from the incredible Mister Shrew, from the Associated Minds Store (including a free signed CD copy)or digitally on iTunes.

Mudmowth - Skullcrackology (Associated Minds)

MP3 - YSI / Direct Link

WAV - Direct Link

Radio Version 320 MP3 - YSI

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