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We've been a bit hectic here at Chrome Kids HQ this week so thought we should give you just a quick catch up of the things that we've been feeling recently that we've been meaning to put up. Some of them you may well have found elsewhere by now but if not... download that isht!

First up we've got the...


Here's two of the best Essential Mixes from BBC Radio 1 we've hear for some time. The first was original broadcast last month but if you haven't caught it you really need to. It's Flying Lotus creating the beautifully crisp yet dirty lunar soundscapes he does so well, for 2 hours.

(Megaupload) Flying Lotus Essential Mix - BBC Radio 1 / 29th November 2008

Next up is filthy and disgusting 'Jump Up' Dubstep from Rusko, who we're finding it hard to tell apart from Caspa these days, maybe they've finally morphed into the same person. Watch out for the remix of The Prodigy track Breathe, his very own Kate Perry dub that turns an innocent kiss into a full on lesbian porno and a little re-touch of Eastern Jam that makes it even more evil.

(Megaupload) Rusko Essential Mix - BBC Radio 1 / 13th December 2008

Squincy Jones and Dayta from the Texas club night Speakerboxx Thursdays kept us going through a particularly heavy work load during the early hours of the morning with this live mix on the MK Ultra Show, KTRU covers a lot of the styles that we do on Chrome Kids with a few random fun bits worked in for good measure. Keep upto date with their goings on via

(ZShare) Squincy Jones & Dayta - MK Ultra Show - KTRU / 12th December 2008

Samo Sound Boy, one half of Seattle based duo Risky Business put this style hoppin’, time travelling mix up on Turntable Lab earlier this year and is now giving it out for free to anyone silly enough not to pick it up the first time. A truly fun mix that glides between Blaqstarr, New Order, M.I.A., Elephant Man, Felix Da Housecat and The Jets with ease.

(ZShare) Samo Sound Boy - Sound Boy Tell 'Em (zip)

Lastly is the latest in the excellent We Make It Good Mix Series from ultra stylish media company Shilo. This one is courtesy of Baltimore bass blasting bad man Blaqstarr. Another eclectic one as he drops in his “inspirational tunes, the music I adapt too and the artists that influence me, and a few joints I made from the durdy to air so I could make sure ya’ll heard me… “ including Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Nirvana, Outkast, Madonna and tracks he’s recorded with Rye Rye and MIA. I forgot one other B word... bonkers!

(Direct Link) Shilo presents We Make It Good Mix Series, Vol.06: Blaqstarr

Next up there's a few...


This huge collabo between Canadian electro rockers MSTRKRFT and New York 'super thug' N.O.R.E. dropped back in April but now they've put together a video which manages to squeeze a shaky storyline around N.O.R.E.'s favourite topics of sex, drugs, money, gangsterism and erm... partying.

MSTRKRFT - Bounce feat. N.O.R.E & Isis

bigUP to Trailer Trasher for putting us onto this incredible new project from Mykah 9 and J The Sarge- Magic Heart Genies. This track is coming like Californian grime, and we just picked up the album which is a Hip-hop gemstone.

Magic Heart Genies - Heartifact

Now seems I might be on my own here as I'm lovin' this tune at the moment but it seems that everyone else who I've played it to so far seems to think it's wrong. Which yes it is a bit, the video features a bunch of roughneck looking young German's and the tune doesn't seem to get much deeper than fighting and drinking but hell, only a couple of days ago I was complaining about a lack of aggression in someone's music, and here it is on a platter. It's also damned catchy if you get past what seems to be an English speakers aversion to the German language... and no, to squash the worry that a couple of people had about the guys in this video, they are not a Neo Nazi group. The irony being that the assumption in itself is a bit racist. Let me know what you think of this though, I'm honestly interested and bigUP to Schakkerhart for putting us onto him.

JayJay - Knüppel Klopp

And some...


First up, here's another great new Electro-Funk tune from Old Money's Scareapeutic project which drops Monday.

(ZShare) Old Money - Gangster With An 'A'

New Jersey Dubstep DJ / Producer The Widdler has reworked Kid Cudi's Kanye-esque Day N Nite just enough to sit perfectly in his sets.

(ZShare) Kid Cudi - Day N Nite (Widdler Remix)

Suso have just put up a fantastic 'cross media project' with members of LuckyMe which features some exclusive new remixes from Dema, Mike Slott, The Blessings and Jay Prada. Here's a couple of our choice cuts but you should head over to their site and check out the rest of the project.

(YSI) Mike Slott Vs American Men - Ammn Sys M1(Suso Golden remix)

(YSI) Dema Vs Isoceles - This is Where it Ends(Suso Gloss Remix )

(YSI) Jay Prada Vs Great Escape - It's On (Suso Laser Remix )

And RCRD LBL just put up a Count of Monte Cristal (aka Herve) remix of NASA's track Money, the original of which we put up a couple of days back. Straight jackin' electro bizness.

NASA - Money (The Count Of Monte Cristal Dungeon Remix) at RCRDLBL

And finally some...


You gotta be quick for this one if you're in Vienna... it's tonight! But well worth it with a solid line up which includes some Chrome Kids faves such as Sterotyp, Al Haca and Dorian Concept.


(YSI) Blaqstarr ft Rye Rye - Shake It To The Ground (Stereotyp Minimal Vox Remix)

And in Bristol we're gonna be reaching out to this Crazylegs party in the New Year with: Starkey, Philladelphia Dubstep don and one of Mary Anne Hobbs' Generation Bass; Dexplicit the producer of one of Grime's biggest anthems 'Pow' and now rinsing it in the Bassline house scene; and our main man Raffertie, the bonkers Brum based beat butcherer; plus whole heap of local dons including The Kelly Twins and our good friend Ben One.

Check out the Crazylegs Facebook Group and Events Page for this.

(YSI) Crazylegs Promo (inc. Exlusive Preview of new Starkey tune)

(YSI) The Rogue Element - The Hive (Raffertie's S.W.A.R.M. Remix)

(Megaupload) Ben One - The Freeage EP

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Val said...

Blaqstarr ft Rye Rye - Shake It To The Ground (Stereotyp Minimal Vox Remix) The link doesnt work! Is there any chance to fix? Thanks!

Mingle said...

I agree :)i need that track!

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