A For Effort

Not sure if you should really give rappers marks for effort, but if you did then I'd be tempted to offer them up to Asaviour. He generally gets good production, has a good package and appears to work hard at pushing his thing. Only problem is I just don't think he can rap that well. Actually that's not necessarily fair, he can rap, it's just something about his flow, voice, well kinda everything which doesn't sit right with me. To be honest it sounds like he's not putting in enough effort after all. So why bother putting this track up here I hear you ask? Well a) so you can make up your own mind, and b) cos Dubbledge absolutely smashes it once again and IQ does make a bumpin' beat, the two of these things might just have saved this tune, after all I have been known to drop Bad Boy 4 Life at times and Asvaiour isn't quite as bad as P Diddy at least. This is only the promo version with spoilers in it but if you're feeling it then it's worth giving The A Loop Theory album at least a listen when it drops in April.

(YSI) Asaviour and DJ IQ - Nextweek ft. Dubbledge (with Spoilers)

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