Solution To The Weekend War

There are two types of people who ask for tunes while I'm deejaying that generally annoy me most: Those who ask for cheesy pop chart hits whilst I'm playing the opposite (funnily enough for the last 8 years the most popular requests of this kind are still Kylie and Madonna, why is that?). These also fall into the "play something we know", "play something we can dance to" or "play something funky" (I always seem to be playing Funk when I get this one, oh the irony)categories; then there are the people who ask for either Justice, Hot Chip or MGMT. Not because I don't like these bands, I do and yes sometimes I'll even play them, but why do the people that ask for them seem to think they are being cool in doing so? Just for the record, you're probably about the 6th person to ask me for that tonight and it shows you up to be as much as a pop tart as the Kylie / Madonna people. Just so you know.

However saying that, if from now on you come up and ask me for this George Lenton remix of MGMT, you are blatantly cool as f**k.

(YSI) George Lenton Vs MGMT - Weekend Wars / alt link

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