We're Definitely Diggin' Th' Mole

Think I might have to install a hotline to Daly City Records if they keep up their current high level of quality output. No sooner have you finished downloading the new Flying Skulls stuff when these rather impressive gems come rolling in like Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom or something. Some may remember we put up a post with the DJ 0.000001 mixtape, Whirled Fusion. A prequel to the new album from Th' Mole which features some of the album tracks along with a mash up of medleys that saw the likes of Rush, Skream, Too Short & Wild Sugar running side by side. It eventually clicked slowly that DJ 0.000001 was infact Th’ Mole himself,another addition to a growing army of alter-egos such as: Captain Daydream; Pierre Johnson; Johnny Sunshine; Turbo Punx; and Experimental Man which punctuate his releases back to 1994.

It is perhaps surprising that within the middle of these personalities lies an endearing honesty in the music and a sound that whilst impossible to pin down, brings a punk ethos a Hip-hop attitude and the weight from the best of the new skool West Coast bass scene. His new album Greatest Hits (Ha Ha Ha) Vol. 1 is a fine combination of classics, remixes and fresh out the box which ranges from the Gypsy stompin’ of Heart Phire to the slow rolling melancholy of Sonny Boy, maintaining an off the wall eclecticism without losing its way at any point.

What’s good about Greatest Hits is it works as a whole album rather than just a loose collection of tracks, although the stand out inclusion for us is probably Jump Jack, where the first lady of Bass herself Warrior Queen orders the listener to “Jump Motherf**ker”. Makes sense then that this is the first single off the album that also comes with a dirty Breaks remix from Daly City head honcho Mochipet, if for some strange reason you weren’t jumping the first time then this mix leaves you no other choice. There’s also a Turbo Crunk remix of Heart Phire from Bearmod which completely flips it on its head, and a crazy home-made video using the Baile Funk remix of Go Horsie from Brazilian legend DJ Amazing Clay . You can grab the whole single package for free from the link below, and keep an eye out for the album dropping sometime soon.

Download the Jump Jack Single Package

(YSI) Th’ Mole ft Warrior Queen – Jump Jack (Mochipet Remix)

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Th' Mole said...

thanks a lot guys! this is one to forward to my parents!