Get With The Style

I'm half tempted to write something really wanky and rather offensive in its racial stereotyping such as 'these tracks carry the full frontal force of a Glasgow kiss with perfectly precise execution blah blah something about a samurai sword' due to the fact that DJ P.O.L. Style hails from Glasgow but is now rooted deep in the Tokyo scene where he is flying the flag for B'more and other related party Bass styles with his Numbers and Tonight events plus releases on Tittsworth & Ayres' T&A Records and the excellent Dress 2 Sweat label, based out of his home town...and because he makes the kind of music that carry the full frontal force of a Glasg... okay you get the idea, let's not go there.

However there are certainly no punches pulled in his interpretation of the music which verges on Ghettotech at times in its relentless party posturing designed to drag you kicking and screaming onto the dancefloor. This is just a taster but look out for more phunked up as f**k releases coming soon on the labels we just mentioned.

(YSI) DJ P.O.L.Style - Get Yo Handz Up / alt link

(YSI) DJ P.O.L.Style - Get Low / alt link

(YSI) DJ P.O.L.Style - Get on My Level / alt link

plus here's a remix he did for the Tokyo Electro crew Gaines which features Teki Latex from TTC

(YSI) Gaines - BBB Dance feat. Teki Latex & Big-O (DJ P.O.L. Style Remix) / alt link

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