We're Sticking Two Fingers Up

Ever since I copped the Two Fingers (Amon Tobin & Doubleclick) & Sway track, What You Know I've been sat here waiting (im)patiently for my copy of the album to drop. I was mildly dissapointed when Sway didn't drop it when we went to see him last week but figured a certain directors' shouts of drunken abuse at the man were punishment enough for the over sight. It still hasn't arrived but Two Fingers have released these naughty little bootleg remixes to get you in the mood.

(YSI) Spank Rock - Backyard Betty (Two Fingers Remix)

(YSI) Missy Elliot - Best Best (Two Fingers Remix)

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One Response to We're Sticking Two Fingers Up

Anonymous said...

two fingers remix of jahcoozi coming in May on sugarcane.

Jahcoozi "watching you"

w/ plastic little
loose cannons